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Q&A with Dr. Poonkiat The Congenital Abnormalities of The Elderly Pregnancy

First of all, I would say everyone has the opportunity to have the congenital abnormalities even you are pregnant before 35 years old.

But the elder mother is riskier than the younger mother. Therefore, the advanced in maternity age will affect the congenital disorders of the baby. So, I would suggest woman should have the baby before 35 years old.

            The main reason of this problem is the maternity age. The elderly mother will have the elderly ovum no matter how healthy you are while the younger mother will have the better ovum. That’s why we can not ignore the seniority reason.

            For male, the sperm has some effects but not as much as woman. Sperm of male in 45 years onwards may be slightly deteriorated. But male can produce new sperm every day. Therefore, if you are taking good care of yourself, no alcohol drinks, no smoking, avoid touching the chemical substance. The sperm can be used efficiently until you are 60-70 years.

            Please do not be upset about my words. Woman older than 35 years can have a baby with some possible risks. I would suggest 2 medical guidelines which are 1. Screening After Pregnancy and 2. Screening Before Pregnancy.

  • Screening After Pregnancy: Antenatal Care / Prenatal Care The test is about the abnormality of fetus such as blood test for chromosome disorders (Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing: NIPT), amniocentesis during pregnancy to identity the chromosome’s abnormality for example: Down Syndrome. The diagnosis can be proceeded after pregnancy.
  • Screening Before Pregnancy: NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) This is for the in-vitro fertilization only. After the embryo culture, we can detect the chromosome’s disorders before transferring the embryo back to the uterine cavity. Therefore, the specialist can select the perfect embryo to grow up inside the uterus accordingly.

However, the elderly couple may have the abnormality in every embryo. Unable to do the embryo transfer at this cycle. The good thing is no expense because no embryo transfer and reducing the pregnancy failure that might happen. Nevertheless, the doctor will consider in case by case individually.

            Anyone who may concern about this problem, I would suggest you to consult with the doctor. In order to discuss about the childbirth plan which required the appropriate medical treatment later on.


Dr. Poonkiat Punyamitr

Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Infertility Treatment Specialist at

Prime Fertility Clinic


Getting to know PGD / NGS Service


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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