Want to get pregnant but have ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids, how should you start your treatment?

The plans for ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids and pregnancy should be proceeded together as some treatments may affect fertility treatment in case the patients want to conceive, have fertility problems, or they are risky to be infertile in the future.


Treatment for ovarian cysts must be considered with this issue. Therefore, the patients should consult with the doctor. It’s also recommended to visit the doctor who is specialized in fertility treatment.

Because the concept of fertility treatment is different from the treatment for general diseases. For example, in case the uterine fibroids are not very large, don’t occur in a serious position, or don’t narrow the uterine cavity, there will be no need for a surgery.

Fertility specialist is the one who can make a good decision. Because aiming to treat the fibroids alone means only myomectomy that can damage the uterus and cause more fertility problems. Some surgical procedures may occasionally make the patients lose their uterus permanently. So, it has to be very careful.

Having ovarian cysts

Ovarian cysts also need to be considered. We may delay the treatment for some ovarian cysts or not suggest the surgery very soon. To evaluate the patient’s situation is a must. If the patient is at risk of infertility or being infertile, the fertility treatment will be more urgent than the treatment for ovarian cysts. 

Therefore, the patients with above condition will need to attend fertility treatment before ovarian cysts. Because the way to treat the cysts is a surgery. They will not disappear on their own if they are not the result of uterine or ovarian disorders.

In case of cyst removal

A surgery to remove ovarian cysts can damage good part of ovary more or less. Complications of cyst removal, e.g., fascia or injury to ovary due to cyst stitching, repairing, electric treatment may affect fertility treatment. Resulting in a low number or none of eggs obtained after ovarian stimulation. This can happen occasionally.

The treatment plan

The treatment plan is very significant. We suggest seeing the doctor to seek if you will need a surgery or what possible option will be. For those cysts, you can proceed further steps to treat them again when you have a baby or get an embryo from fertility treatment. Unless the cysts or fibroids cause serious problems, such as severe pain or high risk of cancer due to the cyst is expanding very fast which is uncommon incidence among females at young or reproductive age. However, the surgery will be needed in case of potential severity and the doctor will advise you accordingly. 



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