7 Reasons….why you’re not getting pregnant yet!,infertility

7 Reasons….why you’re not getting pregnant yet!

Have you ever wondered why you are not getting pregnant yet?

Even though how hard you tried or how many approaches you did, you have still never conceived successfully at all. In the meantime, pregnancy is very easy for other couples. Why don’t you have any chance? Today we will show you about 7 reasons that make you failed from getting pregnant!


  1. No sexual intercourse. Or not having intercourse on the ovulation day.
  2. Being stressful, working hard and insufficient sleep.
  3. Drinking alcohol and smoking too much.
  4. Having a hard exercise or over exercising.
  5. Living with contamination or receiving a lot of air pollution.
  6. Abnormalities from wife
  7. Abnormalities from husband


If you still have been trying to conceive more than 1 year, you may likely have infertility problems. Therefore, we suggest you to consult with the fertility specialist at Prime Fertility Center. Kindly contact us via Facebook (m.me/primefertilitycenter) or Line (@primefertility). We are pleased to assist you.


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