After having sex…Should women continue lying on the bed to increase the chance of getting pregnant?

Why don’t people get pregnant even though they have sex regularly? There might be something that many women haven’t known yet. The thing is to continue lying on the bed after sex.

Is it important for the chance of pregnancy? The answer is “YES!”

Because of the sperm conditions inside female’s vagina after male’s ejaculation. The semen that has been recently secreted is presenting in the form of sticky jelly-like substance. The sperm can’t move yet. Normally, the jelly-like semen becomes fluid within 15-30 minutes after male’s ejaculation.

After the semen transforms into the fluid, the sperm will be able to swim and find the way to get inside the cervix. That sperm will move through the uterine cavity then fertilize with an ovulated egg at a fallopian tube respectively.

Therefore, we recommend women should continue lying on the bed with turning face up and put a pillow under hips for 15-30 minutes after having sex. This tip helps female’s vagina to keep sperm in the suitable amount and enough time. Moreover, it is to allow the sperm to approach and fertilize with egg more effectively. Then the chance of getting pregnant will be higher consequently.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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