Can Women travel During Pregnancy After Embryo Transfer?

There are various factors that deal with safe pregnancy. No doctor can guarantee a 100% safe pregnancy. However, to check if traveling during pregnancy is safe or not depends on these factors:

Firstly, we need to check if the patient has any history of threatened miscarriage or any miscarriage in the past. Are there bleeding in previous pregnancies or during the initial trimester?

In addition, when it comes to traveling, distance and time taken are an important factor. One may feel stressful when traveling for a long period of time. When we stress, it affects body functions, such as poorer blood circulation.

With that being said, if you travel within 1-2 hours using a safe private car and don’t have any particular concern about pregnancy prior, it is totally fine.

So, does gestational age affect safety? The answer is yes. The first trimester is the most risky period of the mother.

When 12 weeks pass and everything is in its usual condition, the risk also reduces. However, it also depends on the doctor’s consideration for each patient and the risks stated above. Moreover, taking drugs such as drugs that prevent miscarriage is also a factor. It is necessary that the doctor considers various factors.

Hence, it is recommended seeing a doctor for individual advice. Yet, mostly, the factors stated above will be found.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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