Can women with absent menstrual periods have babies?

In case of women with absent menstrual periods or in need of birth control pills to regulate menstruation, is it possible to have babies?


First of all, we would recommend to see a doctor for an examination. The case of primary amenorrhea, it means the absence of menstruation at a certain age or never have periods. It is considered as a cause of infertility.

Primarily, if you bleed after taking birth control pills, it means that your uterus functions are normal. Also, your cervix and vagina are not blocked or obstructed. But it might be another cause such as chromosome abnormalities that makes ovary functions abnormally leading to anovulation. And it is a cause of infertility.

Therefore, women with absent menstrual periods should get a medical checkup to identify the problem because some problems are the causes of infertility. Also, it is to know how severe the problem is and to find out the best treatment.
This also includes other aspects of health. Chromosome abnormalities may affect your health in the future. Or the lack of female hormones may result in cancellous bone and a risk of coronary disease.

For this reason, we need to find out the actual cause of absent menstruation. Apart from having babies, it will also prevent long-term complications. It would be best to have an examination on this matter.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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