How much does hysteroscopy help with pregnancy?

How much does hysteroscopy help with pregnancy?

How much does hysteroscopy help with pregnancy?


For hysteroscopy, the doctor will use a tiny camera to look through the cervix and evaluate some internal abnormalities, such as various types of polyps in the uterine cavity.

This is a better method than dilation and curettage. Because if abnormalities are found, the polyps within the uterine cavity can be removed promptly. It can be said that it is a quite effective method of preparing the uterine cavity before embryo transfer. And it also leads to a greater chance of pregnancy.

In preparation, those undergoing treatment must abstain from food or water, or as determined by the doctor. The procedure will take approximately 10 – 30 minutes or no more than 1 hour.

For prohibition after hysteroscopy, the patient must refrain from vagina douching, sexual intercourse, bathing in the tub, swimming, etc.



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