ICSI, a technology that helps infertile people achieve pregnancy!

ICSI, a technology that helps infertile people achieve pregnancy!

ICSI, a technology that helps infertile people achieve pregnancy!


For anyone who is concerned about infertility treatment such as ICSI, we would like to say that don’t worry at all! If your body and mind are ready to have a little one, you can make an appointment to see a fertility specialist for diagnosis and treatment.

Because the more you delay and the longer time you waste, the less chance you will have a baby!

By doing ICSI, 1 egg and 1 sperm that are completely healthy and will be selected to be fertilized together. Using medical equipment to inject that sperm directly into the egg. Therefore, the patients do not have to wait for the sperm to successfully penetrate the egg like in IVF. ICSI will increase the chance of fertilization and getting more embryos.

For what kinds of problems should you see the doctor?

In women, a doctor consultation is required if these symptoms such as endometriosis, swollen or blocked fallopian tubes, anovulation, abnormal ovulation, irregular menstruation, etc. are found.

In men, a doctor consultation is required if these symptoms, such as low sperm count, azoospermia, blocked vas deferens, retrograde ejaculation, or varicocele, etc. are detected.

ICSI is suitable for people with infertility and those who are not successful in treatment with IUI or IVF methods.

Of course, doing ICSI is not as scary as you think. There is no need to be stressed or worried at all. Apart from being a popular method nowadays, it is also a method that increases the chance of success more than any other method. You can visit us at Prime Fertility Clinic to consult with the doctor. We are happy to serve you.


Prime Fertility Center, we not only provide infertility treatment services but what we aim and consistently develop is customer service with care, being ready to provide consultation, taking care and paying attention to every emotion like a family member. As we well understand the feeling, pressure, and stress of those who are unable to have babies. So, we aim to deliver warmth and offer full services to facilitate our patients. We work with the determination and attention of our specialized doctor, embryologists, and skillful staff in taking care of the patients and providing a comprehensive counseling service.

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