Interview from Patient “Khun Ae” Husband had a sterilization but the assisted reproductive technology helped them for having a child.

“Khun Ae” is sharing the successful story about the infertility problem…..since her husband has a sterilization. 

Find out the real experience from the infertility couple.

“Khun Ae” Hathairat Jaisith, whose husband had been sterilized but the assisted reproductive technology about the sperm collecting and ICSI helped to resolve the infertility problem. The couple has fulfilled their family integrity with their son, “Theme” Master Natthakit Siriphongphai, as they wished.

“Khun Ae”, HR officer at private company, is sharing her maternity experience of her adorable son “Theme”: “I and my husband got married more than a year then we wanted to have a baby. But my husband was over 50 and he had been sterilized almost 20 years ago. We thought whether we had a chance or not because we used to consult with the doctor before. But the answer was even though we did the sterilization reversal, we still had to take a risk on having a baby. Because the result is uncertain and unpredictable.”

            Although having a baby is not easy for her and her husband. But the wish of maternity, Khun Ae never gave up. Finally, she visited Dr. Poonkiat Punyamitr and Prime Fertility Center.

          “I needed to have a baby so I studied about the infertility treatment. After that my mother suggested me to consult with Dr.Poonkiat. Once I together with my husband visited the doctor, there were a history taking and primary physical checking. Mine was fine but my husband had the problem from the sterilization. The doctor advised us to do the in-vitro fertilization “ICSI” and my husband didn’t need to reverse the sterilization. But there was the additional process of the sperm collecting which was taking out the sperm directly from the testis then proceeded “ICSI” as normal. (The TESA method is the sperm collecting procedure by piercing the syringe through the skin and taking out the sperm from the testicle.)   

          Before we started the treatment, Dr.Poonkiat prescribed us the stimulant medicine and suggested us to be healthy, refrained from: smoking, alcohol drinking, sleeping late and stress. At that time, we prepared ourselves almost a year while we were visiting the clinic intermittently to make sure we had the good physical condition. I also checked my ovulation period then started the ovum retrieval. For the ovarian stimulation, apart from the oral medicine, I did the intra-abdominal injection for several consecutive days before proceeding the ovum retrieval. My husband went to collect the sperm in the same amount as my egg which he said it didn’t hurt him.

Firstly, 15 eggs were collected. Once mixed with sperm, there were 7-8 eggs remaining. Finally, when the embryo was evaluated, I had only 2 eggs for rank B and 1 egg for rank C. After that the doctor appointed me to do the embryo transfer with only 1 egg and waited for the result.

I’d like to say that I was so excited for every step. I was not afraid and it didn’t hurt me but every process or every result was exciting. Once I knew I conceived, I was very happy. But living as normal and self-driving. I was quite relaxed. Nothing to be worried about.”

Unfortunately, after 1 month of happiness, she lost her baby. Which caused from many reasons. Even though they were sad but Khun Ae did not give up and she was ready to move on.

“After I failed, I did the curettage and took a break for several months. Dr.Poonkiat needed us to have the perfect physical condition as much as possible. We started the 2nd cycle of ICSI with the remaining egg. So, I was very careful and doctor also took special care. I received the embryo glue and supporting injection which meant full treatment option. When I was pregnant again, I had changed my practice: be very cautious, walked slowly, didn’t use the stairs, no big laugh, had enough sleep, no wandering. I did everything to secure my baby although the doctor did not forbid me. In 3 months of my pregnancy, I was very shocked because of the bleeding so I came to check whether something went wrong. Luckily, everything was normal until my son was born smoothly.

          When I first saw my baby, I was wondering how the science made the new born. But I was very happy to be pregnant and gave birth to him because I tried so hard to have the baby. I was afraid of the abdominal injection but I had to do it myself. I kept taking the medicine everyday and I took care my physical condition very strictly. After my son “Theme” was born, he was very obedient. Now he is 3 and a half years old, energetic child. (smile)

I want to thank Dr.Poonkiat for taking very good care. He is the excellent doctor. He always has the answer, the explanation or the suggestion for whatever and whenever I have the problem. That’s why I feel comfortable.

For any couples who are undergoing for having a child. The infertility treatment is the interesting solution in case wife or husband has the physical problem. Because the science technology can help everyone. Although the descendant is born from human life but science can make it easier, less time spending. Therefore, the doctor’s assistance is better than trial and error. The time to have child for female is not long for the entire life. The opportunity to be mother is continuously less every day. Then, if you have problem please do not hesitate to visit the doctor and receive the proper treatment accordingly.”


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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