Ladies, Don’t Forget to Take the ‘Pelvic Exams’!

The purpose of a pelvic examination is to examine abnormalities in the reproductive system. It is also used to diagnose some disorders including Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), chronic pelvic pain, menstrual cramps, irregular menstrual period, and cervical cancer.

Pelvic exams are recommended for women aged 25-30 and above, including a single lady or those planning on a wedding or having a child. Even women who have sexual intercourse at a young age can also take pelvic exams without having to wait until 25.

The common tool used in pelvic exams is called ‘speculum’. It is a tool used to open the wall to the vagina. Usually, a speculum is made of stainless steel and has various sizes. Gynecologists will choose the size depending on each patient.
Is the pelvic exam painful? Is it scary?

In fact, pelvic exams are not scary as many may think. Usually, pelvic exams do not take much time. Also, the gynecologist will choose the most suitable tool size for each patient. Patients may experience a little stiffness or discomfort.

Pelvic examinations are not scary, the scary thing is that women ignore attending the test. So, ladies, stop being shy and get cervical cancer and pelvic examinations every year for your own health!

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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