Before the Ovarian Stimulation

– Consult with your doctor on the first 2-3 days of menstruation. The doctor will examine abdomen and pelvis by an ultrasound in the vagina. To identify disorders such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cyst and endometriosis.
– Blood test for infections, hormones in the body and Complete Blood Count, etc.
– After the blood test and the results of the ultrasound are found to be and able to stimulate eggs, the doctor will start dispensing drugs or injection to help the egg stimulation and growth.
– During the Egg stimulation process, it is important for the Doctor to monitor the size of eggs and hormones in the body.
– During Egg stimulation, one should receive enough sleep and healthy foods. Avoid stress/worry, avoid alcohol and caffeine.

Note: Egg stimulation should be followed up by a doctor with regular appointments. The patient should not adjust the time or size of the drug. This will affect the growth of eggs.

Pre-egg preparation procedure
1. The Doctor will set up an appointment date for collecting the eggs.
2. Do not eat food or drink water at least 8 hours before egg collection.
3. No Manicures and Pedicures or Make up to be worn. Do not put on contact lenses, only eyeglasses are allowed.
4. The staff will arrange to meet 2 hours in advance to prepare eggs. It is very important to arrive on time as the egg collection can be affected if the patient is late.
5. The patient should ensure that another person/ guardian is able to help take care once returning home.

Egg collection procedure (Ovum Pick Up)
– The history / verification of names/ profile is highly important and needed before the procedure
– The Nurse will measure vital signs (pressure / breathing / pulse / body temperature). They will also check when last you had any food or water.
– Antibiotic medicine will be inserted through a drip.
– Anesthesia will be given for patients to fall asleep. After that the doctor will collect eggs for 15-30 minutes.
– When the process has been completed, the patient will be moved to the recovery room to rest for 1-2 hours. During the recovery period, the nurse will monitor the vital signs every 15-30 minutes. If there are no obvious complications or problems, then the patients may return home.
– Patients will be given medicine before going home.

After OPU (Ovum Pick Up)
1. Do not drive yourself or go home alone.
2. Do not lift or carry any heavy items. Avoid strenuous exercise during the first week after OPU.
3. Abstain from having sex for at least 1 week.
4. Following of any possible symptoms after OPU. Such as: abdominal pain or swollen stomach. If you have symptoms any of these, please contact your doctor as soon as possible. DO NOT take any medicine without consulting your Doctor.