What are the methods of female sterilization?

Female Sterilization is one of contraceptive methods. It is very effective, low-cost and safe. Preventing fertilization opportunity for almost 100%.

Suitable for couple who doesn’t prefer to have children anymore. It needs to be performed under the decision belong to husband and wife as well as women who are not allowed to be pregnant. Therefore, female sterilization can prevent pregnancy by interrupting the fallopian tubes.

There are 2 methods of female sterilization referred to a time period of the surgery as below:

1. Postpartum Sterilization

This sterilization is performed after woman gives birth. Usually within 24-72 hours after delivery. Since the uterus is still enlarged enough for an abdominal surgery. It is easy to block the fallopian tubes by abdominal incision.

2. Interval Sterilization

This sterilization is performed after giving birth for 6 weeks onwards. In this period, the abdominal incision is getting more difficult. As the uterus becomes a normal size and locates too far away from abdominal surface. However, the interval sterilization in nowadays is more modern and not as difficult as the past. It can be done by lower abdominal surgery or Laparoscopic Tubal Sterilization.


Reference:  www.med.cmu.ac.th



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