What causes postpartum hair loss?

Another condition that many new moms experience and worry about is hair loss after delivery! Primary causes of this condition are including nutrient deficiencies and some hormonal disorders after giving birth.

It can be noticed that women have a healthy hair during pregnancy because the high estrogen levels in pregnant women maintain continuously for a long period of time. Thus, there is no hair loss or less hair loss during 9 months of conceiving.

However, estrogen levels decrease after women give birth. So, they return to have the hair loss as they did. Many new moms experience postpartum hair loss when their baby is 3 months old. It’s just a temporary condition. The hair loss will disappear in 6 months after delivery.

How to prevent the excessive hair fall is to consume healthy foods especially the foods that are high in iron and vitamin B. Avoid doing a hot perm, pulling or forcing out while brushing as well as tying hair too tightly.

If your postpartum hair loss is still remaining over a year, please visit the doctor then receive the treatment respectively.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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