What color is abnormal leukorrhea?

“Leukorrhea” is vaginal discharge. It is the natural secretions of women of reproductive age and happens as usual. Associated with the changing levels of hormones in each menstrual cycle.

Normally leukorrhea is white. The other colors of leukorrhea can indicate some abnormalities inside the body. Let’s see which color and what those colors are telling you.

Yellow Color
Together with stinking smell, itching and dysuria. It may be caused by a bacterial infection, such as Gonorrhoea, fungal infection or viral infection.

Green Color
Vaginal discharge that is green, stinking and itchy mostly indicates a bacterial infection or sexually transmitted infection.

Grey Color
Grey discharge with bad or stinking smell is mostly caused by a bacterial infection from sexual intercourse, vaginal douching or taking antibiotics continuously.

Brown Color
Vaginal discharge is brown due to the mixing of blood and leukorrhea, not in a big amount, mostly comes from the leftover period which is no need to concern. However, discharge with blood and offensive smell may be caused by a vaginal or cervical infection.

Pink Color
Light pink discharge is a shedding of the endometrium frequently found after delivery. Sometimes called “Amniotic Fluid”.

These symptoms can lead infertility problems. Therefore, if you notice abnormal leukorrhea in terms of color and amount, please hurry up to consult with the doctor to find out the suitable treatment accordingly.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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