What should women eat after “Egg Retrieval”?

Apart from guidelines after egg retrieval, another thing that women often forget is food. Let’s see what women should eat after egg retrieval.

First of all, women should eat all 5 categories of food and the food must be cooked, fresh and clean. Avoid preserved food. We recommend “Egg White” due to high protein called albumin. This albumin helps retrieve fluid from the abdomen back to blood vessel.

Eating egg white is suitable for the patient who has a lot of eggs by ovarian stimulation or egg retrieval process. High egg count makes high estrogen levels. So, the patient will have the excessive abdominal fluid. As a result, abdominal distension or intestinal flatulence may happen.

Therefore, protein from egg white helps regain fluid, relieve flatulence and reduce ascites. Women can eat egg white for 2-3 eggs per meal. The egg yolk can be removed due to high cholesterol. It is mostly recommended to eat only egg white as it contains high protein.

For those who prepare for embryo transfer, we would advise to eat yogurt or drink fermented milk. Because lactobacillus will make a suitable environment for embryo implantation. However, please consume in moderation to avoid having diabetes.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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