5 Tips for Mommy to be,成为准妈妈的 5 个秘诀,5 เคล็ดลับว่าที่คุณแม่

5 Tips for Mommy to be

Being healthy is necessary for women who need to have a baby. One step of being healthy is having a pleasant circulatory system. Since oxygen together with nutrition can be delivered to the body cells and it can improve the body waste disposal as well.

Once the body cells obtain enough foods and oxygen, female reproductive system will be working properly. Leads an excellent ovulation. Increases pregnancy opportunity. These are simple 5 tips to enhance the circulatory system, refresh yourself then help you become healthy.

  • Exercise

Select your favorite exercises that suitable for your lifestyle. For instance: running, swimming, cycling, yoga, aerobic dance, etc. Keep doing regularly 3-4 times a week.

  • Relaxing Massage

Massage can reduce muscle tension and improve circulation. Particularly, it can relieve stress. Therefore, many women love and enjoy relaxing massage.

  • Warm Bath

Bathing or showering with warm water enhances circulation as well as relaxes muscles efficiently. Don’t forget to finish with cold water every time in order to tighten and nourish your skin then become healthy.

  • Drink Water

Yes, this tip is very easy to do. Drinking clean water for 8-10 glasses a day helps you fresh and remains healthy. 

  • Move Yourself

We don’t recommend you to stick with your working desk for a whole day. It is good to take a walk every hour. Let your body move periodically. It is not only nourishing your circulation, but also reducing the risk of having office syndrome as well.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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