A Journey of Sperm


Sperm cells are produced from both testis of male. From germ cell and develop to become fully mature. This process takes around 70-80 days to complete.


After ejaculation, millions of sperm cells are moving to female’s vagina. A lot of sperm cells will be diving through vaginal mucus then aiming to cervix and uterine cavity. In this step, plenty of sperms die during approaching to the target.

Meet the egg

Once sperms (that still survive) reach the fallopian tubes, they will meet 1 fully matured egg which has passed the ovulation then moved to wait for sperm at the fallopian tubes. Each sperm will be approaching to this egg consequently.


Although the egg is surrounded by a lot of sperms, there will be only 1 strongest sperm can penetrate into the egg. After that sperm will throw off its tail and release 23 pairs of chromosomes to match with egg’s chromosomes. Combining to be 1 cell. The egg which has been fertilized already will transform itself in order to reject the approaching of any others sperm cells.

Implant and develop to be the fetus

After fertilization, the cell will be dividing very quickly. Then transfer from fallopian tubes to the uterine cavity in order to implant and grow up to be the fetus later on.



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