Age at 35 years….the last chance for “Egg Freezing”

Working woman who dedicated to work and achievement. Do you know the increasing age means your eggs are getting older?

        Ovary can produce a plenty of eggs with good quality when woman is in the reproductive age during 20-35 years old. After 35, female eggs become less qualified and less productive amount as the age is greater. Success rate of pregnancy is decreased causing the infertility problem.

       If you are not ready to have a child during the suitable age; 20-35 years, there is the interesting solution helping you to store your qualified egg by cryopreservation method. It is the medical technology called “Egg Freezing” used for childbirth plan among the new generation woman. Once you are ready, your eggs can be thawed out upon your need. Therefore, egg freezing can reduce the risk of infertility problem.

However, we recommend you to attend before age of 35 years for your preferable result.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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