IUI Success Case Interview: Son of Thai Airways Cabin Crew

Although she heard the bad news that she was unable to have a child, but Khun Daw – Dujdaw who is Thai Airways cabin crew has never forgiven.

        She and her husband, Khun Chatchabodi Siripunn, decided to consult with Dr.Poonkiat Punyamitr. Finally, they had a son named “Prab – Master Porama Siripunn” coming to their life and fulfill the family integrity.

         This is the true story from Khun Dujdaw who had a son through IUI method sharing her experience for you.

       “After marriage more than 2 years, I and my husband tried to have a child by natural method but we have failed. Then we decided to visit the infertility treatment specialist at hospital. Apparently, I was informed that I had tumor in my uterus so I did the surgery to remove it. However, doctor told me that I would not be able to conceive as I have a congenital disorder with my uterus. Gestational carrier is only one solution for me. That’s why I was shocked, crying, upset and depressed so much. I have never expected this problem was extremely severe causing me couldn’t have a child.

         Firstly, we almost gave up but we got recommendation from my friend who achieved the infertility treatment with Dr.Poonkiat. There was nothing to lose then we should try.

        After history taking and physical checkup, Dr.Poonkiat told me not to give up or worry. He mentioned a patient having only one half of uterus can also have a child. So, he needed me to calm down. Dr.Poonkiat has explained the treatment procedures step by step. Basically, it is IUI (Intra-Uterine Insemination) because I and my husband didn’t have any serious abnormalities. I started taking the injection for ovarian stimulation. Then IUI process when doctor detected my ovulation. Actually, I was so afraid of needle but I had no choice if I really wanted to have baby. Finally, I get used to and I’m not scared it anymore. We decided to take good care for our health in order to have a child. At first cycle of IUI, we were so excited but we failed. However, we kept trying the second and the third cycle even though it was not success. At fourth attempt, we began to get over, no stress, no pressure. I lived as usual; dining out, hung out, didn’t worry too much like the first 3 times. Eventually, I was pregnant. About 3 days past from menstruation forecast, my husband asked me whether I have tested it already or not. The test showed me 2 faint lines therefore I drove and bought 3-4 brands of pregnancy test. Every kit presented 2 lines. So, I was very happy and called Dr.Poonkiat immediately. Doctor said I was possibly pregnant but had better wait for about 2 weeks before blood test and antenatal care consecutively.

         I had a miscarriage upon the newly-married period so doctor prescribed me the injection to prevent an abortion. During gestational time, I took good care of myself because I was aware of my hypertension. In 7 th month of pregnancy, I had pre-eclampsia, swelled leg and foamy urine. Finally, it was a premature delivery. But my son “Nong Prab” was born successfully. He is healthy and now he is 5 and a half years old.

          I would like to thank Dr.Poonkiat. His encouragement made us relaxed and meet the success with a baby to fulfill our family integrity. Actually, I couldn’t be pregnant but doctor supported me a lot. It was very impressed and hopeful for me. He explained clearly and his treatment was flexible and suitable for my job which required travelling all the times. We felt relax and comfort throughout the treatment program. So, I want to say “Thank you” to Dr.Poonkiat again.”


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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