How good is it to have a child in the Year of the Dragon? 

How good is it to have a child in the Year of the Dragon? Guess the personality of a child born in the year of the dragon.

How good is it to have a child in the Year of the Dragon? 


Among the 12 zodiac signs according to Chinese astrology, there is only one zodiac sign, the dragon, which is a mythical creature and is considered a symbol of power and intelligence.

And if a child is born in the year of the Dragon, it is said that their fortunes will be very good. It can be said that the child will experience both success and wealth.

In terms of personality, the child is likely to be an enthusiastic person, agile and intelligent. If the child is properly raised by the family, it will promote the family very well.

Knowing this already, #primefertility wish all families who are having an auspicious time to give birth during this time to be lucky and successful.

 **This is a personal belief. Please use your discretion.**


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