What is the difference between the factors influence a twin pregnancy naturally and by IVF/ICSI?

What is the difference between the factors influence a twin pregnancy naturally and by IVF/ICSI?

What is the difference between the factors influence a twin pregnancy naturally and by IVF/ICSI?


Tips for couples who want twins. How to do?

In the past, conceiving twins referred to the abnormality of embryonic cell division. But nowadays people prefer having twins with different reasons. Of course, twin babies are adorable. You can have 2 children by getting pregnant once. Or by transferring several embryos to increase the chance of pregnancy during a fertility treatment. IVF/ICSI is another chance of getting twins. People may wonder if it is possible to have twins by natural pregnancy. Is there anything that can increase the chance of conceiving twins? How to do? Let’s take a look at this article.


What is the difference between the factors influence a twin pregnancy naturally and by IVF/ICSI?

A twin pregnancy caused by the abnormalities of fertilization between egg and sperm and embryonic cell division. This may happen from several factors as below:

  1. Genetics: In case of twins happening in your family history, you will have a greater chance of conceiving twins. Heredity of having twins is often found in females more than males.
  2. Taking ovarian stimulation medicines orally or by injections: When having more ovulated eggs, there is a chance of twin pregnancy.
  3. Stop taking birth control pills after taking for 1 month or over, the hormones that have been suppressed will restart functioning again. Leading to a higher chance of ovulating multiple eggs each cycle and multifetal pregnancy consequently.

Will you be able to have twins if the twins have never run in your family history?

Another way to help conceive with twins is IVF/ICSI. Transferring more than 1 embryo will increase the chance of twin pregnancy. However, there is no guarantee that every case can have twins. 

The procedures of ICSI are as follows:

  1. Ovarian stimulation: Start from a doctor counseling, blood test to evaluate hormone levels, transvaginal ultrasound, together with hormone injections to stimulate egg production on day 2 or 3 of period. After that, the doctor will follow up the growth of eggs by the ultrasound and check the hormone levels by blood test periodically. This process will take about 8-10 days.
  2. Egg retrieval: After the egg stimulation by hormone injections until getting the eggs with the proper size, the doctor will collect the eggs by extracting them out of ovaries using a needle and ultrasound scan to guide the direction. The procedure will last no longer than 20-30 mins. In the meantime, the husband will collect his sperm in the prepared container. Only potential sperm will be selected to fertilize an egg in laboratory and will be observed the fertilization later on.
  3. Embryo culture: After the fertilization between sperm and egg, it becomes an embryo. The embryo will be cultured inside the laboratory until growing up. It takes about 3 days for the embryo to have 6-8 cells from the cell division. And 5 days to develop to blastocyst stage.
  4. Embryo transfer: The embryo will be transferred to the uterine cavity using a medical tool inserted through vagina. It’s similar to pelvic exam. The ultrasound scan will be used to identify a suitable site of placing the embryo in the uterine cavity. The embryo transfer will take about 15-20 mins.

However, treating with ICSI doesn’t guarantee a twin pregnancy of every patient. It just increases the chance of having twins. However, a multifetal pregnancy is considered more vulnerable and harmful than a singleton pregnancy definitely. Therefore, it’s best to plan and consult with the doctor continuously.


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