Is Bed Rest After an Embryo Transfer necessary?

The embryo transfer is an important period for every woman who is preparing to be a mother. It is also a time to take extra self care.

We know that many moms are concerned about how to act after the embryo transfer. In this article, we will tell you what you should do in the operating room after the process of embryo transfer.

After the embryo transfer process is done, the doctor will suggest that the patient take bed rest for around 15-30 minutes to let the patient feel more relaxed.

However, according to medical studies, patients do not necessarily have to take a bed rest after the transfer. Staying in bed or walking immediately does not affect the success rate of embryo transfer. Nevertheless, if you are concerned about the transfer, you can take a short bed rest at around 15-30 minutes.

In addition, after the embryo transfer, patients can walk and do their usual daily activities. However, patients should refrain from extreme and heavy activities.

Another important thing is to get enough sleep, relax, and do not stress.

As for the daily routines or walking, it is totally fine to follow your usual activities. These do not affect the success rate of the embryo transfer. The result depends on the ability of the embryo to implant itself in the uterus. Another factor is the blood flow.

To conclude, it is not necessary to take bed rest or stay still after embryo transfer since staying in bed may cause some patients to feel more stressed, and higher levels of stress could lead to a lower chance of success rate.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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