Let’s check for symptoms of ovarian cyst

It must be said that there are many diseases that can occur in a woman’s body. Many women are therefore turning their attention to their own health even more. But there are some diseases that show almost no symptoms at all. And it’s considered a popular disease: “ovarian cysts”.

Let’s check for symptoms of ovarian cyst


So, what are ovarian cysts?

Ovarian cyst is a condition in which the ovaries have fluid-filled cysts or multiple cysts or fluid-filled sacs are found in the ovaries. And when the cysts or fluid sacs are formed inside the ovary, it will cause abnormal ovarian function. It looks like a sac that contains air, liquid, water, fat, and possibly tissue. There are usually no warning symptoms. Before you know it, it becomes a big lump and leads to complications. It can also become a tumor or cancer eventually.

As mentioned above, ovarian cysts often have no warning signs or symptoms which will usually be detected after having an annual health check or found accidentally when woman has other diseases.

Today #PrimeFertilityClinic have made a checklist of symptoms that may be signs of ovarian cysts for the ladies to observe themselves initially. If you experience any of the following abnormal symptoms, it is recommended seeing the doctor immediately.


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