Low Progesterone Symptoms may lower a chance of pregnancy!

Progesterone is a hormone released after ovulation which is secreted by corpus luteum. This hormone plays a role in adjusting uterine cavity to be proper for implantation.


In some cases, the patients with low progesterone symptoms which is called Luteal phase defect. It means that secretion of progesterone is lower than normal. This leads to improper condition of uterine cavity for implantation. As a result, it is difficult for those with low progesterone to conceive.

How do we know if we have low progesterone? In most cases, women need a medical checkup to check their hormone levels. Nevertheless, we could say that these symptoms are very rare.

In general, women have normal levels of progesterone. However, if we find out that progesterone levels tend to be low, we will need to use Luteal phase support which is the administration of progesterone. For example, oral medication, vaginal progesterone and injection.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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