What are causes of degenerate cells in blastocyst?

Embryo cells that get damaged or cell death in blastocyst stage during the assisted reproductive technology or embryo which is from natural fertilization. It can occur from 2 natural processes which are Necrosis and Apoptosis.

What are causes of degenerate cells in blastocyst?


The damages that occur from Necrosis process are involved in swelling of cells and breakage of cell walls. The damages that occur from Apoptosis process is involved in development stage of cell including few cells and egg shell which is called Zona Pellucida: ZP

Also, cells will stop developing in a blastocyst stage which is due to the shrinkage of cells. It leads to damages in nucleus area, cell wall area and DNA.

The causes stated above can predict the damage rate in embryo cells. For embryo at Blastocyst Day 5 which is in good quality, the damage rate or dead rate will be <10%

In addition, Blastocyst Day 6 embryos which are not in qualified condition, its rate is around 27 – 38.5%. This results in development discontinuation. As a result, some patients may get embryos which are inverse with the patients’ age.

The causes of degenerate cells or dead cells in blastocyst include:

  • Ovum quality
  • Age and BMI of men and women
  • Sperm quality
  1. Lifestyle such as smoking, alcohol, exercise etc.
  2. Embryo culture condition

However, the causes stated above are just partial causes of degenerate cells or dead cells.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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