Men and Infertility, if you want to be a father, you must read this

Men and Infertility, if you want to be a father, you must read this

Men and Infertility, if you want to be a father, you must read this


Infertility in men is approximately 30-40%. It can be caused by many reasons such as congenital problems. Male chromosome disorders lead to no sperm production or the absence of sperm due to congenital blocked vas deferens. The treatment depends on each person’s condition.

Causes of male infertility

Most are caused by the ways you take care of your health together with lifestyles, such as not getting enough rest, drinking alcohol, smoking, working outdoors, or exposure to plant chemicals, smoke, odors, and thinners. These are one of the causes that lead to abnormal sperm production.

In addition, previous diseases, such as varicocele, hernia, or mumps, can also result in testicular inflammation and less sperm production as well. Therefore, to evaluate male infertility will require history taking and semen analysis in order to diagnose and treat correctly.


How to notice male infertility

It is the same for both men and women to identity the cause of infertility which is when the couple has not been getting pregnant after 1 year or more of trying with unprotected sex. So, the couple should consult a doctor to find out the cause of infertility.

Most often, men are not aware that there is a problem. Because the symptoms are not clearly seen. It is necessary to get a medical examination by specialized doctor using technology for analysis in order to detect the cause of male infertility. Medical history taking, checkup, semen analysis, blood drawing will be proceeded to investigate varicocele and find appropriate treatment options.

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