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Q&A with Dr.Poonkiat: Is it possible for woman in 40s will have a child?

Woman in 40 years old is able to have a child but she will have more risk than younger people.

The gestational opportunity depends on the ovary performance. As long as the ovary is working properly, having normal ovulation, woman still can have a child. But the elderly woman will have inferior oocyte called Programmed Cell Dead”. Causing the anovulation or deteriorated ovulation, unable to fertilize or having fertilization with abnormality, congenital disorders or genetic disease. The embryo will be unable to implant and woman will have an abortion eventually. Therefore, increasing in age will lead the risk of abortion as well as complications during pregnancy for example: gestational diabetes, pre-eclampsia, premature delivery, etc. The higher opportunity in complications will make the risk of any disorders or genetic abnormalities to the newborn as well.

Generally, the infertility problem in female can be found in woman over 30 years but obviously in 35 years-people. Woman during 40-43 years will have the normal pregnancy rate only 5% before going to reach the golden age. Finally, woman in average 49-50 years, the ovary will stop working, no ovulation, no menstruation, completely unable to be pregnant.

          For the elderly people who need to have a child, it would be better to consider separately about the chance of pregnancy and the survival chance of newborn. There will be some abnormalities or complications during the gestation which can cause abortion easily. Furthermore, the baby may have the congenital disorders like down syndrome as 1 from 30 cases while the risk from younger pregnancy (female is less than 30 years) is only 1 from 1000-2000 cases.

          Although woman in 40 years can be pregnant but the success in pregnancy by natural method is quite low. Therefore, the assisted reproductive technology becomes an interesting solution. The first step of the infertility treatment is to consult with doctor in case the couple has failed from natural method after trying for 3-6 months. Please hurry up to visit doctor as the longer time you wait will make everything to be harder for having a child. As well as the elderly husband who has some medical problems and inferior sperm. Please do not hesitate to consult with doctor in order to receive the proper diagnosis. Because it will take times for infertility treatment before patient can have a child. Success rate for every age is 30-40% but extremely decreased to be lower than 10% in the age over 43 years. Anyway, it is possible to succeed.

Suggestion for woman in 40s who wish to have a child

• Health Check Up: In case of medical problems or any disorders, please visit doctor immediately and resolve or control the problem before being pregnant.

• If you have been having sex 3-4 times per week regularly for 3-6 months but still unable to be pregnant. Please hurry up to consult with the infertility treatment specialist then attend the treatment program intensively.

• Remain healthy for both husband and wife, avoid any negative behaviors affect the gestation for examples: alcohol drinking, smoking, gain weight, insufficient sleep, stress.

• Taking folate 1 pill a day for both husband and wife.


Infertility treatment in each person is different as the cause of the problem is dissimilar individually. Whether the patient may have any complications during pregnancy or not, it will be considered as case by case consequently.

Dr. Poonkiat Punyamitr

Obstetrician & Gynecologist, Infertility Treatment Specialist at Prime Fertility Clinic


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.



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