Tips to improve sperm quality for father-to-be!

For men who are planning to fulfill a family, a good way is a preparation by which you can get a check up and semen analysis to see whether your sperm is healthy or not. This way, you will know an appropriate method to prepare yourself.


Also, we would like to provide some tips to improve sperm quality as follows:

· Exercise to control your weight – Since being overweight or obesity will affect testosterone hormone that may decrease sperm production. Recommended exercises such as running, aerobic dance, riding a bike at least 30-45 minutes per day.
· Refrain from alcohol drinking – Since alcohol will affect testosterone hormone that may decrease sperm production.
· Refrain from cigarette smoking – Since cigarettes contain cadmium and metal which affect reproductive system and sperm motility including sperm production and sperm morphology.
· Refrain from stressful behavior – Since stress will affect reproductive system in men and also male potency.
· Wear comfortable underwear or boxer – If testicle area becomes warmer, it will affect sperm production in terms of sperm volume.

Following our instructions above will get you ready and healthy to have a baby.

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