Want to have a baby…How often should you have sex to get pregnant?

Frequency of sex is another popular question. If you don’t know how often to have sex to get pregnant, let’s find out the answer today.

Actually, a couple should have sex at least 2-3 times a week. No need to do every day. But it is important to have sex in the right and suitable time.

What is the right and suitable time?
The answer is during the ovulation period. To calculate the ovulation day can be used in women who have regular periods (28-30 days). Mostly the ovulation occurs in the middle of menstrual cycle.

Using an ovulation test kit to know your fertile window. This may help to increase the chance of pregnancy.

In conclusion, a couple doesn’t need to have sex every day to get pregnant. Just do it on the ovulation day then you can increase the chance of pregnancy.

However, if you have already had sex and calculated ovulation day but still haven’t conceived yet, kindly consult with the doctor to find out the actual cause of infertility and to receive the correct treatment later on.

Dr. Wiphawee Luangtangvarodom
Obstetrician and Gynecologist, Infertility Treatment Specialist

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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