Egg freezing is not a difficult thing for women of the new generation.

Egg freezing is not an inapplicable thing anymore. Nowadays women of the new generation are focusing on this solution.

In egg freezing process, aging of the eggs retrieved will be stopped at that time and they can be used when a woman is ready to conceive. Suitable for women who are not ready to get pregnant anytime soon but still need and plan to become pregnant in the future.

It is medically recommended to do egg freezing before 35 years of age. Although freezing after 35 is allowed but the number and quality of eggs will be decreased accordingly.

How about egg freezing procedures? Is there anything complicated? Let’s see what the main steps are!

History taking and consult with the doctor
Health check up and ultrasound to get ready before egg pick up process
Ultrasound to measure follicle size
Ovarian stimulation injection
Hormonal injection for inducing ovulation
Egg pick up and egg freezing
Wait until the future need

Only these steps, women will have the frozen eggs which are ready for their future need. Even though the procedures seem to be simple and not complicated but we pay attention and attach importance to every single step to ensure the best outcomes for every patient.

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