Why can’t you wear makeup on the embryo transfer day!?

Have you ever wondered why doctor doesn’t allow patients to wear makeup when they are coming for embryo transfer? It’s because to apply nail polish, spray perfume, apply lotion, apply powder may affect the quality of embryo.

To avoid makeup on the embryo transfer day due to the chemical inside nail polish or even some chemical in various cosmetics can spread out.

These substances affect embryos or gametes (both eggs and sperm). Since an embryo is very sensitive. In case of chemical exposure of embryos, the quality may drop or the embryos may die.

Therefore, the decline in embryo quality makes the less chance of endometrial attachment, implantation or even poor embryo development consequently.

However, you can take a shower, wash your hair or soap yourself due to these are considered as washing activities.

Thus, on the embryo transfer day, women should refrain from chemical exposure and avoid using chemicals as much as possible, e.g., perfume, nail polish, makeup, lotion or whatever volatile substance. Mostly the doctor will suggest avoiding during this time.

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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