What is acrosome reaction in sperm?

Acrosome is the part that covers the front of the sperm head. It has a single layer wall and contains enzymes that are important for the fertilization process.

What is acrosome reaction in sperm?


The acrosome reaction process is a change in the structure of the acrosome cap that covers the front of the sperm head, which is full of many enzymes such as Hyaluronidase, Corona-penetrating enzyme, and Acrosin. These enzymes play an important role in the sperm’s ability to penetrate the egg cell wall to proceed fertilization.

The acrosome reaction process occurs when the sperm approaches the egg cell (oocyte). A cluster of cells that surround egg cell called Cumulus oophorus will be digested by Hyaluronidase enzyme which is released from the acrosome cap of the sperm

Then, Corona-penetrating enzymes will be secreted to stimulate sperm to penetrate the corona radiata layer that surrounds the egg cell. After that, the sperm will bind to the Zona pellucida of the egg cell, resulting in the Proacrosin enzyme within the acrosome cap being changed to Acrosin enzyme to degrade the Zona pellucida, causing the sperm to penetrate through the Zona pellucida and Perivitelline space to make contact directly to the egg cell wall. It is considered an important step that will lead to successful fertilization between sperm and egg cells.

For couples who are treating infertility with the ICSI procedure, the ICSI procedure will help bypass this step and increase the chance of successful pregnancy compared to natural fertilization

Some solutions or equipment used within the laboratory, such as Sperm Slow and PICSI disc, are invented based on the principles of the acrosome reaction process to help select the qualified sperm used for the ICSI process.




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