What is ERA TEST?

Even though a healthy embryo with normal chromosomes is being transferred, many couples are still facing disappointment of not getting pregnant. It is true that healthy embryos enhance pregnancy rate. However, endometrial condition is also an important factor for embryo implantation.


ERA TEST or Endometrial Receptivity Analysis Test, developed and patented by Igenomix (PCT/ ES2009/000386 is a test designed to evaluate endometrial receptivity by gene expression. About 200 genes will be evaluated to help plan a personal window of implantation for the most suitable embryo transfer timing.

It is found that the era test, evaluating the best timing for embryo transfer, enhances the pregnancy rate approximately around 25% and pregnancy rate in women receiving era test is higher than those without the test. Also, it reduces the loss of healthy embryos from unsuccessful implantation.

Nevertheless, the era test is not necessary for all patients since there are various factors affecting pregnancy success rate. Therefore, it is recommended seeing a specialist for suitable advice further.

Piraporn Jindasri

ESHRE Certified Clinical Embryologist

Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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