7 Ways to prepare for having kids in 2024

7 Ways to prepare for having kids in 2024

7  Ways to prepare for having kids in 2024


1. Have a physical examination and plan your pregnancy with a doctor

For confidence, you should consult your doctor to plan your pregnancy. When going to consult a doctor, there will be a physical examination to check if the couple has any congenital diseases that could affect the pregnancy and some checks for various risks related to genetics and various diseases so that symptoms can be treated before pregnancy, including suggestions about ovulation calculation so that you can plan to have children easier.

2. Get vaccinations

In addition to the physical examination, the doctor will have various immunity tests and give the woman important vaccinations before becoming pregnant, such as rubella, varicella, etc. If she does not have immunity, she must be vaccinated and wait at least 3 months before she can get pregnant.

3. Dental health check

For women who are planning a pregnancy, dental health is very important. Because if you have tooth decay, it can cause problems in getting pregnant. Therefore, before becoming pregnant, you should go and check your gums and teeth along with taking care of it to get well first so that there are no problems during pregnancy.

4. Check personal medicines

Consult your doctor to determine if your medications are affecting your pregnancy. If yes, you may have to stop taking the medicine for a while. And you should stop using birth control pills and use other methods instead before getting pregnant for about 2-3 months so that the uterine function is completely normal.

5. Take care of your weight

Weight below or above the standard, especially in women, affects pregnancy as well. Therefore, you should take care of your weight so that your Body Mass Index (BMI) is within a normal range. If it is too high or too low, food and nutrition must be adjusted and you should exercise to maintain appropriate weight. This will not only improve your health but also help you get pregnant more easily.

6. Take vitamin supplements and eat only nutritious foods

Choose to eat nutritious foods from all 5 food groups, refrain from alcoholic beverages, tea, coffee, and refrain from smoking. In addition, mothers-to-be may take some vitamin supplements to prepare for pregnancy, such as folate, which is recommended to be taken one pill a day about 1-3 months before pregnancy. It will help the baby to be born healthy and not at risk of birth defects.

7. Rest, exercise, reduce stress

Stress is the cause of various systems in the body not functioning properly, including ovulation and sperm quality. Therefore, both husband and wife should relax, not be stressed, and get enough sleep 8 hours a day for fresh body and mind.

When you’re ready, don’t forget to take the opportunity to go on vacation. Change the atmosphere. This is a tip that helps many people. For the couple who already had a child and are worried that your partner is infertile, you should immediately consult a doctor who specializes in infertility to find the cause and provide appropriate treatment.


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