Back pain during pregnancy,อาการปวดหลังช่วงตั้งครรภ์,怀孕期间的背痛状况

Back pain during pregnancy

Many pregnant women are getting backache during pregnancy, especially in the period that closed to the baby’s due date.

It is common and unavoidable. However, knowing causes of problem can lead us to get the solution consequently.

Cause of the backache in pregnancy. When women are pregnant, the uterus will continuously expand and will be larger from the 5th month of gestational age onward. Therefore, a mother-to-be may experience the back pain similar to leg pain or knee pain after standing up from sitting on the floor with both legs to one side.

The longer gestational age makes the enlargement in weight and size of the womb. In order to maintain the body balance, women will bend the back and try to stabilize the weight between back and front.


How to deal with the back pain

1. Not to be worried about it. Please relax, understand and accept that the pain usually happens to many pregnant women. This situation is general and spontaneously gone after delivery.

2. You may use analgesic cream to relief pain. However, if your backache is very painful until you need to take the oral medicine. Please consult with your obstetrician. Moreover, we recommend you to avoid taking any medicine without the doctor’s prescription in order to ensure the safety of your baby.

3. Sleeping on a very soft mattress can increase the pain since women will gain weight after getting pregnant. Therefore, a firmer mattress but not too firm and no sinking feeling will reduce the pain for a bit.

4. Pain with fever and chill are possibly the symptoms of Pyelitis. So, please visit the doctor immediately.

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