Preparing for Pregnancy,เตรียมตั้งครรภ์,为了备孕“排毒”

“Detox” Preparing for Pregnancy

Being healthy and getting ready for pregnancy not only increase the pregnancy chance but also help you to have a perfect newborn.

Since nowadays there are many pollutions around us, detox becomes a solution to eliminate toxins from your body which may inherit from you to your offspring. These are 5 tips you can absolutely practice easily.


  1. Drinking lime juice in the morning

Start your day with lime juice mixed with a big glass of warm water. Lime can enhance the detoxification performance of enzyme inside the liver. Vitamin C can reduce inflammation, increase iron absorption, boost up your immune system then regulate hormone function and also improve the excretory system.

  1. Clean Eating

In order to avoid the food contaminant, we recommend you to eat fresh foods, less cooked, no food processing or food preservation e.g., fresh vegetables, fruits, grain, clean foods, etc. Although it is difficult to practice every meal, please try as much as you can. This is a simple way to reduce and avoid toxins that accumulate in your body and can be passed to your baby respectively.

  1. Relaxing Massage

Body massage is including massaging the abdomen and hips of the future mother to stimulate blood circulation and relax muscle tension. Apart from feeling more comfortable and reducing stress, the massage can improve the circulation of female’s reproductive organs as well.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is beneficial to overall health. As it enhances blood circulation, increases oxygen level, reduces muscle tension and removes toxins through sweat. Therefore, you will be fresh, relaxed and sleeping well after a workout.

  1. Positive Thinking

Stress, anxiety, anger and irritation can affect your mental health. Even though you cannot get rid of these problems immediately, we recommend you to try. Doing meditation, breathing slowly, taking a deep breath and being optimistic will help you to relieve yourself from negative emotions that induce stress hormone or “Cortisol”.  Then the cortisol will disturb body functions consequently.

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