How often do you need to visit the clinic during your ICSI treatment, ทำ ICSI ต้องเดินทางมากี่ครั้ง,做试管婴儿(ICSI)要过来诊所几趟

How often do you need to visit the clinic during your ICSI treatment?

Ovarian Stimulation Phase

The doctor will schedule the appointment intermittently in order to check how well the eggs grow and what size of them in both ovaries.

  • The first appointment within 1-2 days after menstruation
  • The second appointment within 5-6 days after starting injection
  • The third appointment is to continue the injection for 2-4 days depend on how well the eggs would grow.

There will be approximately 3-4 appointments to follow-up your case. Patient needs to receive blood drawing in order to check hormonal level as well as the pelvic ultrasound every visit. These procedures can help doctor to adjust your medication. Once the eggs are fully matured, the doctor will arrange the appointment for ovum retrieval consequently.


Ovum Retrieval Phase

Patient needs to refrain from eating and drinking for 8 hours before the ovum retrieval as anesthesia will be used. Symptoms after the egg pick up process are including abdominal pain, light bleeding or flatulence. However, in case of abnormal side effects, discomfort, unable to sleep, bloating like pregnant or breathing difficulties, please return to visit the doctor immediately.   


*Note: The schedule of the 4th visit depends on physical conditions and some various factors of each patient individually. 

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