Checklist of behaviors that lead to infertility!

Many families are probably facing a problem that they don’t want to happen the most, which is “infertility”, which is most often caused by behavior in daily life.

Checklist of behaviors that lead to infertility


Today, let’s explore various behaviors that may result in infertility. If you’re ready, we can try checking it out together.

🔹Stress, one of the main problems, which besides causing damage to mental health, it can also result in infertility. This is because hormones caused by stress will interfere with the reproductive system, resulting in anovulation.

🔹Body receiving chemicals regularly. Regardless of the environment or eating food contaminated with chemicals, all harmful chemicals can accumulate in the body, eventually resulting in reproductive cells not functioning properly.

🔹Rarely exercise, underweight or overweight. These things will result in reduced reproductive ability and increased infertility.

🔹Eating unhealthy food or drinking too much alcohol. These factors increase the chance of infertility up to 50%. So, choosing good food and reducing the amount of alcohol drinking is the most important thing.

If you still do these behaviors, it is recommended to reduce and stop in order to increase the chances of having children in the future.

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