‘DNA Fragmentation’ How does this happen?

Deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA is a molecule of the organic compound that carries genetic information of an organism.

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If the DNA is damaged or fragmented, it will result in cells’ malfunction. Therefore, when cell division occurs, these irregular traits will be inherited through generations, leading to mutation in next generations.

Sperm is male reproductive cell that fertilizes with ovum and inherits genetic traits to the next generation. As a result, sperm DNA damage could possibly lead to:

• Lower chance of fertilization
• Lower embryo quality
• Lower chance of embryo implantation
• Higher chance of miscarriage

Sperm DNA Fragmentation can occur from various causes such as oxidative stress, aging, smoking, pollution, or some inappropriate lifestyle. These factors could lead to higher oxydants in sperm, resulting in sperm’s malfunction or future mutation. Finally, these factors will damage DNA and lead to DNA fragmentation.

To examine the quality of sperm DNA, we follow the method called “the sperm chromatin dispersion test” (SCD) using the Halosperm G2 kit. After the process of DNA denaturation to extract protein from the head of the sperm, regular sperm DNA will produce the characteristic HALO around the head of the sperm. In contrast, if the sperm is damaged or has DNA fragmentation, the HALO will not or barely appear.

The result of the exam will be the guide to find further suitable treatments such as MACS Sperm or IMSI to help increase the success rate of infertility treatment.


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