“Estrogen” important hormone for woman

Estrogen is the fundamental female sex hormone which is majorly produced from ovary. Estrogen is responsible for the performance of female reproductive system.

Male also has estrogen hormone but in the lower level compared with female.

Roles of Estrogen hormone for maternity

1. Enrich and soften skin, widen hips, enlarge breast, overtone voice

2. Improve the performance of uterus, ovary, making the ovulation and menstruation

3. Density and tenderness of endometrium, perfect for embryo implantation

4. Manage uterus function to be ready to conceive, expand and conduct blood volume to be in adequacy

5. Develop muscle, tendon, joint to become more flexible. Especially pelvic joint for expansion during delivery.

6. Delay alimentary system causing more flatulence during pregnancy

7. Inhibit bone resorption, reduce the risk of Osteoporosis

However, human body can produce estrogen hormone but some women who have deficiency in estrogen volume such as menopause people, they are able to acquire it from natural foods which are vegetables for examples: soybean, wheat, several kinds of grain, etc. It is very easy way to complete the volume of estrogen hormone.


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