Preparation for Embryo Transfer,การเตรียมตัวก่อนย้ายตัวอ่อนเข้าสู่โพรงมดลูก,移植胚胎前的准备

Preparation for Embryo Transfer

Preparation for embryo transfer:

1. Doctor counselling including pelvic ultrasound and blood test

2. Visit the doctor on the 2nd – 3rd day of your period in order to evaluate uterine cavity and start taking hormone medication under the doctor’s prescription.

3. Doctor will schedule the follow up visit which will be on approximately 10th day after taking hormone medicine. Patient will receive ultrasound and hormone test in the follow up appointment. There are 2 types of hormone analysis; natural cycle and alternative medication cycle.

  • If the endometrium is not suitable for embryo transfer, the doctor will adjust hormone medication dosage then arrange the follow up appointment respectively.
  • Once the endometrium is suitable for embryo transfer, the doctor will prescribe both oral medicine and vaginal suppository in order to make endometrium ready for 5 days before the transferring day.

4. Doctor will set up the embryo transferring day.

Process of Embryo Transfer:

1. Hold your bladder about 1 hour before transferring time.

2. Abdominal ultrasound to find the good location for embryo implantation

3. Embryologist will submit the embryo to the doctor. Then the doctor will transfer to the location as planned.

4. Vaginal suppository after embryo transfer

5. Sleeping for 15-60 minutes after embryo transfer

6. Before leaving, doctor will prescribe the luteal phase support medicine for patient to take home. Then set up the appointment for pregnancy test through blood drawing on the 10th day after embryo transfer.


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.

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