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Prime Fertility Clinic Grand Opening

A collection of the impressive photo from “Prime Fertility Clinic Grand Opening” ceremony that was held on 8 December 2018 at Prime Fertility Clinic, 22nd floor Pearl Bangkok building, Phayathai. Under the concept of homeliness, warmth and cordiality.

The ceremony was began in the morning. Started from the monastic ritual with Prelate Phra Ratchapatiphan from Wat Ratchabophit Sathit Maha Simaram Ratcha Wora Wihan (clerical secretary to supreme patriarch and deputy abbot of Ratchabophit temple) as the monastic president. The Prelate anointed clinic’s nameplate for the prosperity and fortune.

After that, we had the cocktail party with live music performance while leading the guest to go round in order to introduce the clinic. Then we came to the highlight of the ceremony, Dr. Poonkiat Punyamitr who is CEO and Medical Director of Prime Fertility Clinic gave the speech about the clinic’s background and gave thanks for every honored guest who spent times to celebrate the 2nd clinic grand opening ceremony.


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