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Principal Factors which Harm the Sperms

Sperms are produced in the right and left testicles. The sperm production is driven by Testosterone hormone and controlled by hormones from the pituitary gland.

Dissimilarly the female egg production, there is no concern of limit time for male sperm production as the male physical can create sperms continuously, but these five factors are the principal causes of disqualified sperms.

1. Tight Pants

Not only the underwear but also the pants affect sperms production. When the testicles are being pressed for a long time, they can lead weak sperms.

2. Hot Weather

Living in hot weather or high-temperature environment can affect the making and quality of sperms, for example joining hot yoga, accessing the sauna room. Placing a notebook computer over your lap while working can harm as well because the testicles perceive the heat from the laptop.

3. Alcohol-Cigarette

Alcohol and cigarette are the major obstacle that decrease the opportunity to be a father. Drinking Alcohol causes less sperm count as well as smoking makes sperm mobility be slower.

4. Unhealthy

Gain weight, easy to get sick and insufficient rest are affecting the sperm quality that will be fertilized with the eggs. Therefore, husband needs to be healthy as well as wife.

5. Congenital Disease

Male who has diabetes, high blood pressure, and other congenital diseases may cause the Erectile dysfunction, which can decrease the number of sperms.

If you are experiencing any of the above, try to reduce or quit as soon as possible. Don’t forget to be healthy and ready to become father.


Article by Prime Fertility Center Team


Reference: Prime Fertility Center Co., Ltd.


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