Procedure of ICSI

After medical check up and pre-stimulation LAB test for both husband and wife, the doctor will evaluate the treatment plan then describe to the couple.

Once the patient is ready and agree with this plan, the doctor will start treating the infertility by ICSI procedure.

Ovarian Stimulation: Female will receive hormones as the injection in order to stimulate the ovulation and obtain several eggs for about 9-14 days continuously.

Injection for inducing ovum maturity: After blood drawing and ultrasound test, if the patient has an ovulation and the size of ovum is suitable, the doctor will prescribe the injection for inducing ovum maturity prior to the ovum retrieval for about 36 hours.

Egg-Sperm Pick Up: Once the case reaches timeline, doctor will do ovum retrieval (egg pick up) through vagina and collect sperm from husband in the same visit.

ICSI: After obtaining egg and sperm, doctor will select only 1 sperm which is the healthiest then inject it into the egg for the purpose of fertilization.

Embryo Culture: The embryologist will bring the fertilized egg to laboratory and raise it for 2-6 days (depend on each case) until it develops to be the healthy embryo.

Transfer embryo to the uterine cavity: After preparation for embryo implantation, the doctor will inject the embryo which has been raised properly into uterine cavity in order to let it implant and grow up to be the fetus later on. (The leftover embryo can be frozen for the future use.)

Pregnancy Test: Patient can test pregnancy in the second week approximately after embryo transfer by blood test. The result is pregnancy once embryo implants then the new mom can attend the antenatal care consecutively.



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