Q&A with Dr. Poonkiat: Is it considered as infertility if the second child has not yet to come after trying for several years?

Many couples have been waiting for their second child after trying natural fertilization.

It is considered as “Secondary Infertility”. Meaning the couples are undergoing to have the next child after the first pregnancy. They should visit the doctor to identify the cause of problem. Then the doctor will collect your medical information generally for examples: how long you have been using natural fertilization, frequency of sex activity or even breast feeding. Because mother who is giving breast feeding to her first child within 1-2 years will not have neither menstruation nor ovulation. Therefore, it is more difficult to have the second child.

Moreover, some mothers allow their babies sucking breastmilk just for fun but mothers are having anovulation. As some hormones are released inside their bodies. So, this behavior may cause infertility as well.

After reviewing the general information, the mother who has stopped giving breast feeding for a long time until the ovulation returns to normal but the second child has not yet to come. Then we need to find out what the reason of infertility comes from. Some major reasons include:

Aging: Timeframe between the birth of 1st and 2nd child is prolonged. For example; woman who had the first child in her early 30s but the second child was born after she turned 35. It would affect the egg’s quality and make mother become unhealthy. In the meantime, father may have less sperm count and sperm’s quality because of aging.

Physical Condition: Any medical problems or abnormalities of the couple such as thyroid disease, diabetes, hypertension, etc.

Gaining Weight: Gaining the body weight when having the first child may cause anovulation and less sperm’s quality.

Stress and the change of lifestyle: More responsibilities and the pressure from work can affect sexual relationship, emotions as well as quality of sperm and egg.

For any couples who encounter with these problems will need to consult with the doctor or the infertility treatment specialist in order to identify cause of problem and fix it. The treatment procedure is quite similar to the one for any couples who never had a child.

In conclusion, it is possible that people may have the infertility problem once they need to have the next child even though they used to be pregnant before.
If you still haven’t succeeded after trying natural fertilization for at least 1 year, please hurry up to visit the doctor to find out what makes you failed and attend treatment program later on.


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