Things to know before egg freezing, what are benefits and limitations?

Who is suitable for egg freezing and how to prepare for it?

Things to know before egg freezing, what are benefits and limitations?


Readiness of couple is the most important thing for having a baby whether age readiness, health, congenital diseases, genetic diseases, or premature menopause. These factors have a huge impact on the feeling of any couples who want to conceive. However, medical innovations nowadays have been developed to become more modern, resulting in a breakthrough in oocyte cryopreservation, so called “Egg Freezing”. In this article, we will tell you about the things you should know before egg freezing: what are benefits and limitations? If you are ready for pregnancy planning, let’s find out and take a look together.

Benefits of Egg Freezing

  1. Reduce the anxiety of a couple who wants to have baby because the eggs can be kept at the suitable age.
  2. Lower the risks of health problems especially when a woman needs some medical treatments that can be harmful to her fertility and can damage her eggs.
  3. Less chance of chromosome abnormalities
  4. Reduce the risks of infertility: Pregnancy at the older age is possible but we suggest freezing the eggs before 35 years of age.
  5. Increase the chance of successful pregnancy with ICSI program.
  6. Quality of eggs will not drop even a mother is getting older.
  7. Enable pregnancy plan in a long-term since the eggs can be frozen as long as desired.

Limitations of Egg Freezing

  1. Complications of egg stimulation
  2. Nausea after egg retrieval: We recommend resting at the clinic or hospital about 1-2 hours to monitor the symptoms before going home.
  3. Abdominal pain: A slight pain can be cured by painkillers. However, in case of abdominal discomfort or pelvic pain, it is recommended to see the doctor immediately.
  4. Injuries from the process of needle aspiration to extract the eggs out of ovary, e.g., light vaginal bleeding, injury to intestine or bladder.
  5. Effects of hormone medicines: flatulence, nausea, headache, abdominal pain. These symptoms need to be monitored. In case of serious abnormalities, kindly visit the doctor urgently.
  6. To receive high levels of estrogen may cause edema, gaining weight, or breast engorgement.

There is no need to be worried as every procedure will be proceeded under the care of skillful physician. These limitations are just complications that may happen. However, egg freezing is still considered as a safe and great way to preserve your qualified eggs.

Who is suitable for egg freezing and how to prepare for it?

Egg freezing is a medical procedure that has gained huge popularity. It is suitable for women who are not ready to get pregnant at that time and are less than 35 years old. Or those who have some conditions affecting their fertility, such as cancer, ovarian cysts, uterine cysts, endometriosis, or premature ovarian failure. Moreover, it is suitable for the patients who need chemotherapy or radiotherapy and women with genetic disorders that can cause infertility.

Before showing how to prepare for egg freezing, we will tell you some small facts but very important which is the pregnancy rates by age. This information will help you plan to do egg freezing at the most appropriate time. Start from age range 30-35 yrs., pregnancy rates are 69-90%. 50-75% For the age of 37. 30-51% For the age of 40. And 20-37% for 42 years old. (However, the results depend on an individual’s physical conditions.) The ways to prepare for egg freezing are as follows:

  • Consult with the specialized doctor. Inform your medical history, discuss, and find out the practice that fits you best.
  • Blood drawing, hormone test, and follicular ultrasound
  • Follow the doctor’s appointments for consistency of treatment.
  • Complete the consent forms and get the guidance for medication and ovarian stimulating injection.
  • Receive blood test and ultrasound every 2-3 days to evaluate ovarian response to the medication.
  • Get an injection to induce ovum maturity about 36 hours before egg retrieval. 
  • Proceed egg retrieval under anesthesia so that a patient will not feel pain during the surgery.
  • After the procedure, the retrieved eggs will be frozen in liquid nitrogen tank and can be used whenever needed for pregnancy.

Unreadiness can happen to everyone. So, egg freezing is one of the best ways to help people who are planning to conceive in the future. Whatever aspect that you or your partner is not ready, planning for a perfect family is possible now. Let’s visit and consult with our fertility specialist today. We provide services of egg freezing, ICSI, IUI, IVF for those with infertility problems and want to have baby.



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