Want to get pregnant with twins naturally, what are the chances?

Today, we will talk about the facts about natural twin pregnancies and the chances of a successful pregnancy.

Want to get pregnant with twins naturally, what are the chances?


As for the birth of natural twins, it can be caused by factors, such as race, age, genetic inheritance, for example, the father or mother being twins, or there are many sets of twins run in the family. These factors can cause natural twin pregnancy.

But there is only a 1% chance of natural twin pregnancies. 

Currently, various types of medical technology for infertility are being used to help conceiving twins, such as ovarian-stimulating injections or preimplantation genetic testing in IVF.

However, it is not guaranteed that every IVF procedure will result in twins. It only increases the chance of twin births. But, in the medical field, twin pregnancies are considered risky and more dangerous than normal pregnancy.

Therefore, for those who plan to get pregnant, it is recommended that you consult with a doctor. It’s best to prepare first.


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