Want to get pregnant, how to do? Let’s take a look and follow these tips!

Want to get pregnant, how to do?

For any couples who want to have a baby to fulfill family’s integrity but still have several concerns like health, readiness, finance.

Want to get pregnant, how to do? Let’s take a look and follow these tips!


However, some simple things should be prepared early. Let’s take a look together what they are.

  • Maintain a healthy weight: Apart from reducing the risks of health problems that may affect fertility, having a suitable weight can also satisfy a couple and create more happiness in family life.
  • Eat healthy foods: Taking healthy and variety of foods will strengthen health and make you ready for pregnancy.
  • No alcohol drinks: Drinking too much alcohol regularly will deteriorate fertility.
  • No drugs and smoking: Apart from damaging your health in the long term, it will decrease fertility and cause a greater chance of infertility.
  • Be aware of contagious diseases: Especially sexual transmitted diseases may affect a baby. Or some viral infections may weaken your health to be unsuitable for getting pregnant.
  • Avoid too hard exercise: Women who have excessive exercise or exercise more than 5 hours per week may experience anovulation. So, kindly exercise properly and don’t overdo it.
  • Relieve stress: The more you are stressed, the more problems happen to your health, resulting in symptoms of illness. This will lower the chance of getting pregnant. Let’s relax yourself regularly and do some activities with your partner to reduce stress. 



Prime Fertility Center, we not only provide infertility treatment services but what we aim and consistently develop is the customer service with care, being ready to provide consultation, taking care and paying attention to every emotion like a family member. As we well understand the feeling, pressure, and stress of those who are unable to have babies. So, we aim to deliver warmth and offer full services to facilitate our patients. We work with the determination and attention of our specialized doctor, embryologists, and skillful staff in taking care of the patients and providing a comprehensive counseling service.


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