What is HCG Hormone?

HCG hormone (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is one of the gestational hormones. Many people may have heard about the HCG test from blood or urine to check whether someone is pregnant or not.

Hormone produced by the placenta

          Once female has the fertilization, the embryo will locate inside the uterine cavity. The new mom’s body will start creating HCG hormone. Which is produced by the placenta to help the embryo implant and grow up in the endometrium effectively. And HCG level will be increased significantly during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

          Moreover, HCG hormone will stimulate the ovary to produce others necessary hormones during the primary stage of gestation which are Estrogens and Progesterone.

Gestational Hormone

          We can test the pregnancy from the increasing HCG level in blood and urine after 2 weeks of the gestational age.

However, the rising of HCG level may relate to:

  • Morning Sickness, Dizziness, Vomit: A plenty of HCG will make the new mom getting more morning sickness. There might be someone need to stop working or admit in the hospital. After that, HCG level will be reduced gradually then the symptom of morning sickness will become better.
  • Abnormal Pregnancy: For examples; multiple pregnancy, ectopic pregnancy, molar pregnancy or placenta abnormality. Therefore, the physician will examine and follow up in case the patient has very high HCG level.


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