Get to know 4 options to help increase success in embryo transfer

Let’s take a look here. Besides culturing embryos until the embryo is mature and ready to be transferred into the uterine cavity, in medical process, are there any other medicines that increase the efficiency of embryo transfer? And what is each medicine? Let’s go see.

Get to know 4 options to help increase success in embryo transfer


Embryo Glue

It is a solution used for embryo transfer. It contains a protein component called Hyaluronan, which has an important role in helping to enhance the implantation of the embryo in the uterus. When this type of solution is mixed with the solution used to culture the embryos that will be transferred back into the uterus, Hyaluronan increases the chance of embryo implantation and increases the chance of pregnancy as well as increases the birth rate.


Anticoagulant is a drug used to treat disease or various abnormal conditions that helps blood clot more slowly, not coagulate. It prevents blockages within the capillaries or various organs. It also helps enhance blood circulation in the body and uterus and reduce the death of placental stem cells.


It is a type of fat emulsion that helps inhibit the function of Natural Killer Cell (NK Cell) that may prevent the embryo from implanting and growing properly in the uterus. By using Intralipid, the embryos can implant on the uterine wall and grow normally. It increases pregnancy rates in women who have had failed embryo transfer, including reducing recurrent miscarriages during IVF.


It is a type of medicine that contains a substance called Atosiban, which can inhibit uterine muscle contractions. Because during the embryo transfer, the uterus may contract and may create various substances which may have a negative effect on embryo implantation. This condition is common in patients with myoma uteri. In addition to helping reduce uterine contractions that occur during embryo transfer, it also helps increase the pregnancy rate with statistical significance.

**It is recommended to consult a doctor about the details of the medicine and the appropriate use of the medicine for each person.

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